Jill Breaks The Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Fire Hoops

When Jill was asked to teach and perform at Spinsanity Flow Down they encouraged her to “break a record.” Rachael Lust, who is known for her fitness hooping was going to set the record for most pull ups while hooping, Hannah Stockle who is known for her contortion hooping was breaking a foot hooping record, and so it was only natural that Jill went for a fire geometry record.
While at Spinsanity Jill attempted to break the world record for the most simultaneous fire hoops used at once. The previous record was officially set to four, but there have been several unrecorded cases of hoopers using six hoops at a time. So just to be sure, Jill made the attempt for seven hoops with wicks at once.
Jill has been performing hoop geometry with four hoops for a little over a year now and was ready to up the ante and by creating a second secondary shape below the standard wings to add the three extra hoops needed for the record.
This was not as simple as it sounds. Hoops catch, wicks tangle, and the size of each and every hoop matters. When using ten hoops there are a ton of variables to consider and so there were several test runs before the day of the event. Jills father, Thomas Smith and Jills team member Victoria Jordan both played an instrumental role in making the attempts happen safely. They both gave up their free time to help by safetying, monitoring, and helping with shape tests and ideas of ways to optimize the patterns.
This is only the beginning, Jill plans to break her own record by two more hoops and double the amount of fire on each hoop by the end of the year.

Merp! I did it! Seven hoops with wicks (and three without) for the Guinness Book Record for the most fire hoops used…

Posted by Jill Janosek on Monday, May 14, 2018

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