Performance Entertainment

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Prop Manipulation

Hoop, mini-hoop, poi, double staff, levitation wands, fans, and wings! We provide a large variety of prop spinners for day and night entertainment!
Pricing starts at $66

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We offer fire eating, fleshing, fire fans, double fire staffs, fire hoop, fire hoop geometry, fire minis, fire iso hoop, fire poi, and fire staff!
Pricing starts at $278



Our specialties include aerial Lyra. Lyra is a large steel hoop that is suspended in the air while our artists spin and move around it.
Pricing starts at $250

Unique Offerings

Not only do we have top quality flow artists, we offer unique services you will not find in other local troupes! Smoke bomb hoops, fire hoop geometry, and more are offerings you can only find with Conscious Circus!


Customize Your Entertainment

No matter your theme, we will create costuming to match! We are here to enhance the work you put into creating a beautiful event!